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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

brain dead

its been so long
since we said goodbye
i didnt even cry
no i didnt cry

now you lay in this hospital bed
i wish i was dead in that hospital bed
I loved you to death
All the things i could have said

Damn this pride of mine
years have taken you away
Eaten you from my heart
Now you're dead to the world

But your heart still beats
You're still breathing
But no ones home
Stolen your sight

If i came to confess
My pleas would fall on deaf ears
My Screams would go unheard
Even my deepest fears

I hold your hand
Mechanical breaths, inhale
Silent tears, tear me apart
No rest for the wicked, only hell

I love you, i'm sorry
Forgive me, I didnt mean to
Break your heart
I will miss you....

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