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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Puke me up

I puke turmoil,hunger,Lust,anger, indecision, confusion, and bitterness
Oh how those taste the same mixed with stomach acid
Acid that melts away the enamel that is my life
I feel like a piece of used furniture

Its nice to feel wanted even if its for all the wrong reasons
Evil is not intrinsic but fashioned, and I'm covered from head to toe

I love you sounds like I'm sorry every time it escapes from my lips
Another day, week, year of pretending that everything is OK
Its never OK and it never will be
Not enough soap in the world to scrub away the disgust

If acid and shrooms make you see inside yourself
Never walking that line , Afraid that demon will rise up and swallow me whole
I don't need to get high to get very low
I'm halfway to hell as is...

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